Natalie Cline

U.S. Congress

“It is time that working families become the priority. Working families are the backbone of America and West Virginia’s greatest asset.”



I am focused on working with community leaders, public officials, labor leaders, business leaders, health care providers, and individuals to alleviate the opioid epidemic that has ravaged West Virginia. I am also passionate about making higher education less of a financial burden, helping to bolster an educated workforce. I know West Virginia’s Parents and Grandparents want a U.S. Congresswoman who will work hard to create jobs and opportunities locally for their children and grandchildren so they can stay close to home.

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West Virginians know that we share a special culture, one that others just don’t understand. We rise up and fight for each other. We treasure the beauty of our landscape. We feel our surroundings with our feet. We pride ourselves with treasured recipes passed down from generations gone. We seek adventure within our mountains. We take life a tiny bit slower. We identify with coal. And we LOVE pepperoni rolls. Show us how you are WV!

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Our Future

After returning to West Virginia, I am constantly reminded that this was the right decision. Our son, Teddy, sees his grandparents every day, just as we did growing up, we have daily interactions with both old and new friends, and we have easily slid back into the community mode that is West Virginian culture. We want him to grow up feeling the grass between his toes, feeling the love of a close-knit community, and experience an American culture like no other - the beautiful and warm heritage of West Virginia.  

“And the thing that gets me the most is watching my son run through our yard with his shoes off giggling. I’ll never know exactly what makes him giggle when he is running through the yard barefoot, I suspect that changes with the wind, but I do remember the feeling, and it’s that nostalgic-pride that tells me we are doing something right.”

Jobs Leadership Program

I am working to build a Bi-Partisan Jobs Leadership Team in West Virginia’s 1st District by bringing together Labor Leaders, Business Leaders, Public Officials, Community Leaders, Senior Citizens, Veterans, Students, and individuals interested in discussing ways to create more jobs in West Virginia. It is time that your voice is heard.


President John F. Kennedy

“I believe in an America that is on the march - an America respected by all nations, friends and foes alike - an America that is moving, doing, working, trying - a strong America in a world of peace. That peace must be based on law and order, on the mutual respect of all nations for the rights and powers of others and on a world economy in which no nation lacks the ability to provide a decent standard of living for all of its people.”


I want to volunteer to help ensure that working families become THE priority, make sure that higher education becomes less of a financial burden and combat the opioid epidemic.