Creating Jobs for a Strong Economy

West Virginia needs someone in Congress who will fight to create jobs and maintain the hard-working values that define this great state. Too many manufacturing and energy jobs have been replaced with low-wage non-union jobs that lack protections, benefits, healthcare and retirement. I will take action to make sure we are investing in research and development that promotes manufacturing at home, implement policies that hold big corporations accountable and actualize policies that will give small business owners a break.


Strengthening Labor Unions

Labor Union membership has declined, reducing the bargaining power of the average worker. West Virginia needs someone fighting to make it easier to form a union, enforce penalties against companies that violate labor laws, and pass laws that pre-empt “Right-To-Work” laws in order to ensure workers receive benefits and higher wages. West Virginia originated unions for this entire country, now it’s time we demand they be restored to the standards expected by our workers and their families, not just for West Virginia, but for the entire country. I will be a Congresswoman who listens to Labor; a champion for Davis-Bacon and fight for working families by working to strengthen West Virginia’s Labor Unions in the U.S. Congress.


Supporting Public Education

Quality education and support for our teachers should always be a priority. It is critical that we prioritize our public education system and support our teachers with better pay and benefits. Understanding that a quality education is the best gift we can give to our children, it cannot stop at high school graduation. In Congress, I will work hard to lower the costs associated with attending public colleges and do more to support two-year vocational programs.


Tackling Addiction & The Opioid Crisis

The opioid epidemic is the most serious public health crisis to face West Virginia. This destruction of our families and communities must be fought with strong leadership in Washington that will not waiver in the face of large pharmaceutical companies. I will fight to implement policies that not only hold pharmaceutical companies accountable with real penalties, but also invest in our communities by providing treatment and recovery services.


Health Care for All

Every single American should have access to quality and affordable healthcare. This is a basic human right. In Congress, I will fight to implement healthcare policies that eliminate premiums and out-of-pocket costs, ensure Americans are not denied services based on a pre-existing condition, and lowers the cost of prescription drugs to reasonable rates that all Americans can afford.


Social Security & Medicare

West Virginia’s seniors and small businesses have paid into Social Security and Medicare with each of their paychecks. It is our responsibility to protect these initiatives. In Congress, I will fight to make sure that Social Security and Medicare are protected by opposing any budget cuts to Social Security and Medicare. West Virginia’s aging population deserves to be able to retire to the quality of life for which they have planned.


Women’s Rights

It is time to break down the barriers to women’s success. I strongly support equal pay for equal work and women’s healthcare choices. West Virginia families rely on the incomes of our women just as much as the incomes of our men. Equal pay for equal work will not only improve the well-being of our families, but it will also help our economy. It is every woman’s right to choose how and when to start her family. I will be a strong voice against efforts to make it more difficult for women to access vital health care.


Coal Miners

West Virginia has a long, proud history of standing up for the mine workers who not only built this State, but also set the standards for labor unions across the country. In Congress, taking care of our Coal Miners will be one of my top priorities. I will work tirelessly with both Democrats and Republicans to hold extraction companies accountable with real penalties, revitalize our energy system and restore our ecosystems. West Virginia will never forget the contributions of our hardworking men and women, and I will fight every single day to create more jobs, better protections and higher pay.


Supporting Veterans

Our country needs to keep its promises to veterans by delivering the care and benefits they have earned. This means that veterans services need to account for the changing veteran population by providing quality health care to both our injured and aging veteran population and also be sure to provide critical mental health care services to young veterans. In Congress, I will fight to hold the VA accountable, and work to implement improvements with better systems and services.


Protecting the Environment

Climate change is the most important economic and national security issue of our time, not a partisan issue. We can no longer accept the disinformation that we can’t fight climate change and pollution while creating jobs. In Congress, I will promote the diversity of West Virginia’s landscape and resources enticing the progression of responsible industries in West Virginia to safeguard our drinking water, our air, and protect our landscape.


Reducing Gun Violence

As a nation, we have a responsibility to keep deadly weapons out of the hands of violent criminals, domestic abusers, and terrorists. This can be achieved while protecting the Second Amendment and the rights of responsible gun owners with common sense policies. I will fight to implement universal background checks and higher penalties on gun trafficking.


Immigration & DACA

In Congress, I will fight to maintain the values on which this country was founded. I will work to pass immigration reform that allows for a pathway to citizenship, provide Temporary Protected Status to those facing devastating situations at home, and conduct ourselves with compassion, empathy and humanity.